OPSEC Assessment – Intelligence Preparation of the Cyber Battlefield | Treadstone 71

Combine Strategic Intelligence Analysis Training with a Cyber Threat Intelligence Program Assessment 

Tier 1 Cyber Intelligence Maturity Assessment

  • In-depth questionnaire – we provide oversight for you to complete the questionnaire
  • Analysis of questionnaire results – we will request supporting documentation firsthand (secure review after signing your NDA) to validate the scoring
  • Create the Assessment Report and report 
  • Final report delivery, point-of-contact brief
  • Online executive brief of the results

The adversary devotes significant resources to monitor your operations and activities on a daily basis. They can produce reliable information on your capabilities, intentions, and vulnerabilities. Adversaries are also shifting the emphasis on targeting. Foreign targeting of American technology is increasing for economic as well as military reasons. Technology transfer will continue to remain a major concern now and in the future. What you do about can either make or break your current and future strategies. The Treadstone 71 cyber intelligence capability analysis services include OPSEC assessments.

Cyber Intelligence Capability Maturity Model Threat Assessment

We know you need to have constant situational awareness of the cyber battlefield. Treadstone 71 offers you three tiers to help establish where you stand against your adversaries. The online Tiers are:

Essential Tier 1 10 Business Days –

  • In-depth questionnaire
  • Analysis of questionnaire results
  • Create the Assessment Report and report review – updates
  • Final report delivery, point-of-contact brief
  • Online executive brief of the results

Treadstone 71 provides OPSEC risk assessments that measure the adversarial threat targeting your organization and the potential for existing online information to act as a roadmap for penetration and data exfiltration. The assessment examines data points as indicators, patterns, or signatures. Treadstone 71 then balances the risk of operational failure against the cost of OPSEC measures preparing clients for threats to their online environment. The assessment includes the:

  • Consideration of the impact of control measures
  • Cyber intelligence capability analysis services examining your anonymity and operational security across social media.
  • Considering the probable risk to strategic mission success (effectiveness) if your organization does not
    implement countermeasures.
  • Considering the probable risk to mission success if countermeasures do not work.
  • Deciding which, if any, measures to implement and when to do so.
  • Checking the interaction of OPSEC measures. Ensure that a measure to protect a specific piece of critical information does not unwittingly provide an indicator of another.
  • Apply appropriate countermeasures to deny information of specific intentions, capabilities, and activities.
    • Detect credible threats
    • Detect instances of deception in intent or action
    • Develop assessments for the target area of interest
    • Develop pattern matrices
    • Create reference documents
  • Implement measures that require immediate action. This applies to current operations as well as planning and preparation for future ones.
  • Create metrics and key performance indicators
  • Compare to corporate risk indicators
  • Brief requirements to senior leadership, stakeholders, marketing sales, and other personnel.
  • Monitoring of countermeasures during execution and after.

OPSEC monitoring is a continuous process of evaluating intelligence and counterintelligence. It is necessary to monitor countermeasures for effectiveness because unevaluated countermeasures can lead to a false and dangerous sense of security. We assist you in your control adjustments with actionable recommendations. We look forward to performing one of our cyber intelligence capability analysis services for your organization.

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