Electronic Quds Army, “Abu Musab”, message of fire and gunpowder – Jerusalem Electronic Army

The message of fire and gunpowder
Stay tuned for the tweet of the official spokesperson for the electronic Quds Army, “Abu Musab”, shortly.

Cyber unit: In conjunction with the launch of the resistance missiles, thousands of threatening random messages are sent to the residents of the cover.

  “Either shelters or departure, then death haunts you everywhere.”
או מקלטים או עזיבה והמוות רודף אותם בכל מקום

#Electronic Army

# Abu_Musab: We remind the enemy of the previous days and what we did in its fragile system.

# Abu_Musab: The Zionist enemy must realize very well that we will not and will not stand idly by in the face of the repeated attacks on Al-Aqsa and the worshipers. Jerusalem is our target and we will not tolerate a seed of its soil.

#Abu_Musab: We instruct all units operating in the field to take action to participate in repelling the attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque, and we give the green light to all units to have the electronic system, as all Zionist websites are permissible.

And hold fast to the rope of God all and do not be divided.

In conjunction with the repeated attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque, a large number of electronic teams and organizations joined to participate in the electronic attacks against the electronic system of the usurper occupier, they waited for the next, the next is worse and more important.