… president of the Central African Republic, Faustin-Arcange Touadera, is “held hostage by the Wagner group”

Large swathes of Central African territory are still in the hands of rebel groups. The government then called in Russian mercenaries.

The Russian Foreign Ministry responded evasively to our questions.

” Russian military specialists are sent to the country in strict accordance with the sanctions regime decreed by the United Nations Security Council, ” we are told from Moscow. 

Officially, these Russian “experts” would number 535 in the Central African Republic . However, some estimate that there are more than a thousand, counting only those of the private group Wagner.

And these are not Russian tourists, as Paul Stronski of the Carnegie Foundation for World Peace explains.

” It’s a lucrative business. They have links with organized crime and exploit the natural resources of the Central African Republic and it allows them to show their influence on the African continent, in a country which has a central geographical location”