Demonstrations against the #Fascist Regime continue in Isfahan

If only the telecommunications network was connected to the 2G proxy telegram, telegram would be connected

A Few Tips related to the Increased Gasoline Rate:1. The biggest damage from this increase is the poor which is 80% of the population, with more pressure on the lower class, as many of them are fueled by semi-worn-out vehicles with fuel cards.2. This pressure will be greater in metropolitan areas due to distance from work, traffic and overcrowding.PROXIES FOR USE

3. Increasing gasoline prices will gradually see the rise in prices for all commodities including food and medicine. This will lead to hoarding, and black market activities, profits that benefit the rich (IRGC and the government).4. This rate increase will certainly be done in coordination with all the forces and the revenue will be shared amongst leadership .The huge revenue gain being distributed to IRGC AND BASIJ related organizations, i.e.,, embezzlement.5. Semi-active and non-affiliated factories and workshops will be closed due to increased production and transportation costs and another wave of unemployment.So goes the negative, downward spin

Khameini’s forces are using fluorescent paint from paintball guns to mark protesters. Remove your clothes if hit

Three hundred percent gasoline price increase set by the government over a perfectly timed period.

At a time when our two allies, Lebanon and Iraq, are both hosts to Iran’s foreign armies and Iran funding the whole.
They involve targeted and directed internal disturbances
Even Erdogan’s wish is that these clashes could be pushed into Iran in order to maximize the pressure and project a change in behavior.
Gasoline, this strategic commodity, doubled in price overnight.

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