Kosar Iranian Jet Fighter

Some native systems used in Kosar Iranian fighter:RWR radar alarm
Digital display of ECI motors
Overhead HUDD display
ICP integrated control panel
SMP ammunition management processor
WMC central computer computer
Friend detection system from IFF enemy
ADC air information processing

TACAN Tactical Navigation System
R-ALT continuous wave height altimeter radar
DMG digital map display
INS / GPS integrated navigation system
CFD Throw and Feller Launcher System
AMC central avionics computer


And when the photo is taken up close and the old USA production number appears on the cabin door and the name of the American company Northrop shines on the pilot’s seat.A total of 3 fighters that can be seen in the picture, the first fighter is the same F-5F that has been upgraded and is a new color, and the second and third fighters are Iranian Kosar.The second fighter is apparently not new production and is probably the same as the one that was unveiled last year. (Note the difference between the first American fighter seats and the next two Iranian-made fighter seats. Martin Baker seats).

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