Comments from the Region on the Israeli-UAE Accords

Iranian Radio’s anger over the presence of a member of the Presidium of the Parliament in the student protest rally in front of the UAE Embassy.Radio Israel has published a report on the student protest rally due to the signing of the infamous peace agreement between the UAE and the Zionist regime, in the presence of Seyed Mohsen Dehnavi, a representative of the people of Tehran, and called Dehnavi an extremist representative.Addressing the Emirati people, Dehnavi said at the rally: “The UAE sheikhdom has made its biggest mistake and has made itself an accomplice to all Israeli crimes.” They tied their destiny to the destiny of a country that is destroying and rejecting the Middle East. The history of the UAE’s friendship with the child-killing regime of Israel will not be forgotten, and this stigma will not be erased from their skirts forever.UAE-Israel agreement proves Al Saud and Amiran rulers and traitors to Arab and Islamic raceThe rope is hung around their necks and they have eaten the #AIPAC termite stool, they will surely see that the stool will break and sooner or later the fate of #Gaddafi awaits themThe summoning of the ambassador of the #Iranian regime in #Abu Dhabi by the #UAEE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the submission of a note of intense protest to the interventionistThe UAE Foreign Ministry presented its protest note to the Iranian ambassador, calling the stance of the Iranian authorities unacceptable, provocative and with dangerous consequences for the stability and security of the #Persian_Gulf.We remind the Iranian government of Iran’s responsibility to protect the UAE Government Office in Tehran and its diplomats. Relations between countries and agreements and treaties are a matter of governance.The UAE Foreign Ministry rejects the provocative stances of the Iranian authorities, calling it interference in its internal affairs and #approach of the UAE government.
#Rouhani had said against the agreement between the UAE and #Israel: “The UAE has made a big mistake and we hope it will return from this wrong path. We warn them not to open the door to Israel in the region, in which case they will be treated differently.”Countries in the region are fed up with clerical terrorism, UAE: We repeat, our peace with Israel has nothing to do with IranUAE Foreign Minister Anwar Gargash said the agreement to normalize relations with Israel was an “independent sovereign decision” and had nothing to do with Iran.”The UAE-Israel peace treaty is an independent sovereign decision that has nothing to do with Iran,” Gargash wrote on Twitter on August 18th. “We say this over and over again, we do not accept interference in our decisions, just as we reject threats, whether from bullying or anxiety.”Calling the decision “strategic”, he noted that it was “transformational”, adding: “Our forward-looking decision strengthens [the UAE’s] position and its competitiveness.”