Russian View on Iranian Hybrid Warfare

The current escalation perfectly shows that Iran is ready to continue playing the game where its opponents are being drawn into a hybrid war with its many proxies. This enables Iran to avoid direct war with the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia, but at the same time keep them on their toes by using Hezbollah against Israel, Ansar Allah against Saudi Arabia, as well as Kataib Hezbollah and Asaib Ahl Al-Haq v. USA.

Periodic clashes in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and Yemen do not cause critical damage to Iranian military potential and give Iran the opportunity to play in the long run, hoping that the general growth of Iranian influence will sooner or later bear the same fruits that have already ripened in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Therefore, strikes on Iran or Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon do not solve strategic issues for Israel, but only emphasize their permanent presence, where strikes are a fight against symptoms, but not a solution to a problem that not only persists, but is aggravated …

This will cause a further increase in the general tension in relations between Israel and Iran, including periodic clashes on the Lebanese-Israeli border.

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