Provokatsiya as posted by Iran- Russian Intelligence Officer: Corona has been transferred from Georgian laboratories to Iran Konspiratsiya

The latest #Dezinformatsiya :How much has the US contributed to the spread of the Corona virus? Since the emergence of the Corona virus last December in Wuhan City, Hubei, China, there has been some comment from various circles, especially Chinese and Russian, about the origin of the virus.Not long ago, the Russian Defense Ministry spoke at a press conference at its headquarters in Moscow about the US Department of Defense’s (Pentagon) action to fund biological lab research projects that cover conventional laboratories in various countries around the world.  They are particularly active in Georgia, and their abnormal activities are considered a violation of international agreements and protocols. #kompromat According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the work of these biological laboratories is to prepare different types of viruses, except that they are not prepared or activated for medical or human purposes, but are used to kill and spread humans.  Diseases and epidemics as viral-biological weapons.“The data and information in these documents emphasize that the African web, which has been seen in China and Russia in the past decade, has spread to areas with boundaries,” the Russian Health Ministry said.  They had in common with Georgia and had been transmitted from US laboratories operating in Georgia and other countries around the world.Russian Americans say they are collecting the genes of Russian citizens in more than four biological weapons laboratories in the border regions of Russia and Georgia, the Russian Ministry of Health says.  The United States has drones in Georgia that can carry insects carrying specific viruses to any part of the world.The disclosure may be part of a response to claims that the corona virus has become a global epidemic these days, and Chinese scientists and other countries have yet to discover its origin and vaccine.In parallel with the comments of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Russian Ministry of Health, the Chinese Foreign Ministry formally accused the United States of spreading the coronavirus in China.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Li Jian on Twitter on Twitter officially accuses the United States of spreading the Corona virus in China and blames US troops who traveled to Wuhan.Although the US has called the allegations “baseless”, since the spread of the virus in China, countries around the world have called for Beijing’s explanation of the virus, its power due to the outbreak, and why it has spread.  Even at first some analysts believed that the Corona virus was manufactured and dealt with by the United States, and that Americans were spreading it to China in order to weaken its serious rival in the world, in order to destroy its economy.In the rhetoric of the US and Chinese rhetorical war and full-fledged countries’ struggle to contain the Corona virus, Russia has provided new documents in the Corona virus case, this time to Vitaly Petrov (fake name), a member of the Russian National Intelligence and Security Service ( #FSB ) makes new statement.Petrov, who refuses to disclose his real name for security and intelligence reasons and only uses his nickname and company, said in an interview that the US uses advanced electronic equipment to produce and disseminate radiation.It is a dangerous environment that poses a serious threat to human life and health.Petrov emphasizes that Americans have begun wide-ranging efforts to undermine and overthrow the Iranian system many years ago: With the failure of economic and political action, the US has focused its efforts on the biological sphere. #aktivniyye #meropriyatiyaA common point of Petrov’s statements with earlier statements by the Russian Defense Ministry is the US use of Georgia to achieve its new goals.  “With the official stance of our allies (China) on the origin of the Corona virus outbreak, we have come to believe that the virus has been transmitted to Iran through these laboratories,” he said.
He believes that Georgia has become the focus of action against Iran and Russia and that it must accept the consequences of US presence in its territory in the near future. #DezaUS simulates global outbreak of a deadly virus 6 months before CoronaBelgium-based Radio Television (RTBF) on Thursday quoted a tweet from the Chinese embassy in France:The United States had practiced deadly virus drills worldwide around two months before the #Corona outbreak in Wuhan, China, in a simulation exercise called Event 201. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY