According to eyewitness reports, gunshots were heard from Tabriz Prison minutes ago.

According to the released pictures, thick smoke is now seen from one of the buildings inside the prison.

This evening, with the spread of fire and smoke from Tabriz Prison and the dissemination of images through cyberspace, rumors of rioting and rioting have been heavily hand-to-hand and phone-to-phone to prompt the Tabriz governor to respond.

Mahdavi, the governor of Tabriz in response to some rumors about prisoners and inmates, said that a minor firefight between prisoners and Tabriz prison authorities caused issues at the site. The news that the shooting took place in Tabriz prison is false.

A human rights network in Kurdistan reported quoting a source in Tabriz as saying that the uprising in the central prison of the city, at least six prisoners were injured. Prisoners have been protesting the lack of leave and the risk of Covid-19 in the prison environment. In this film, which is said to be a prison in Tabriz, gunfire is heard.

By Treadstone 71

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