Yemeni Ghost Warns About Abdo Virus

I am the Yemeni ghost, I announce from tomorrow, God willing, to send the biggest scandals of the so-called Abdo Virus, and warn people about him and from being deceived.

Evidence of 1 GB was extracted from it, and it will be revealed in this channel, in order to infringe the group and insult the sovereignty of the Yemeni state, and Yemen lived proudly in the face of other countries.

Identifier of the first sheep
|  Username: Mate
|  User’s hands: 1744487234
|  User ID: @Destructionboss
|  User bio: none
|  User status: Unblocked

انا الشبح اليماني اعلن من يوم غد باذن الله ارسال اكبر فضايح من يدعى عبدو فيروس واحذر الناس منه ومن ان يتم خداعهم

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