CYBER IRGC: Revenge is a Process

Revenge is not a hard event; it is a process

Dear friends, who are not satisfied with Iran’s missile response, I invite you to reread in-depth a few important resources:

1- The message of condolences to the Holy Prophet
2- Sunday speech by Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah
3- Yesterday’s Prophet’s statements

Of these sources, provided by the Resistance-based leader and his top commander in the region, there are a few important points that chart the roadmap of vengeance for us:

  • The blood of Haj Qassim is not equivalent to the blood of any American person.
  • Haj Qassim’s fair retribution are “the expulsion of all US troops from the region.”
  • Haj Qassim was not only an Iranian figure but an international character of resistance. Therefore, all the axis of resistance will be involved in getting his revenge (that is, expelling America from the region).

So, obviously, the recent missile strike is by no means a “revenge”. Rather, the first flood and the “beginning” is a process, a process that will lead to the final expulsion of America from the region.

We will see this process continue in the coming weeks and months by Resistance Attachés in the region. The “multiple blows to American interests in the region” will continue by the faith-based elements of the resistance, and in less than five years (as Syed said resistance) America will leave the region, and that day we can say that we have taken revenge.

Video / Revolutionary Leader:

Americans were slapped last night but revenge is another issue / Military works not sufficient [Revenge of Hajj Qasim’s blood] / US presence in the region must end

Iran Cyber Corps channel