Blow Up The US Embassy In Baghdad?

If US Defenses cannot protect Ein AlAssad, how can they protect the US Embassy in Baghdad, the most fortified, largest, and secure embassy in the world?

If Suleimani was going to blow up that embassy, how was he going to do it? Truck bombs? Drones? No, of course not. Nothing on the ground would do this short of a massive ground assault that would kill thousands and result in US aircraft and resources destroying such an attempt.

Wouldn’t Iran send scores of missiles from Iran to destroy the embassy? Why would you.need Suleimani on the ground in Baghdad to do this? You would not since that location has long since been targeted and target validated and, been in place for years. But why execute a trigger that would lead to your destruction?

What would Iran gain from such and act? Mass destruction of their country no doubt.

No value, no gain, no reasonable leader, especially one so wiley as Suleimani would even propose such an act. Irresponsible and laughed out of the room.

Rational and critical thought should reign here.