Photo of #Khamenei mercenary shooting at protesters in #Marivan.

Pictures of the Marivan People’s Conflict with Special Forces Today

Marivan ۲۸ November: The mullahs’ mercenaries do not dare to come into town and hide in garrisons around the city.
More than 15 martyrs and 24 were injured.

“Khamenei has called the Iranian people a mob; Khamenei has actually described his regime, not those brave Iranians whose voices have been raised in protest of his performance,” he said. “In a statement threatening to disrupt those who disrupt the security and peace of the people, the irony is that no one more disrupts the security and peace of the people than the Revolutionary Guards.”

درخواست‌های عاجزانه یک هموطن از فعالان برون مرزی برای کمک به مردم داخل ایران

صدای یک هموطن را از داخل ایران می‌شنوید. او از خبرنگاران و‌ فعالان خواهش می‌کند برای اینترنت به آنها کمک کنند.

We gathered this voice message of a protestor from one of our sources. The Iranian people have a voice, but they are being overlooked. Share and raise awareness.



Mahshahr – A short video of the shooting of the Revolutionary Guards and Special Forces towards the people. The attacks are believed to have killed four people and wounded about three others.

Oppressive forces launch a tear gas cannon and the car is on fire ahead of a fellow firefighter holding a fire extinguisher and then chanting slogans at Khamenei.

The brutal resistance of the heroic people of Javanrood against the mercenaries of the mullah

Clashes with Special Forces, Unprecedented Courage of Azerbaijani Women in Protests and Security Forces Escape

This video is one of the lesser-known videos of the clashes of the past few days (November 1) in # Tabriz.
In these pictures, we can see the unparalleled bravery of Azeri women and girls who continue to chant slogans despite the heavy beating by the police.

News published on social media that Khamenei has left Iran, Iran Briefing has not been able to confirm this independently but has been informed of reliable sources in the Guard but on Monday, November 7th, Khamenei and his companions all came to the Mottahari headquarters.
Mashhad is one of the possible destinations for the leader of the Islamic Republic.
While blocking the internet and blocking Iran’s access to information has not prevented information, and phone calls have been received from several Iranian cities, especially Tehran, with news that protests are continuing across Tehran and other cities.
The south, east and west areas of Tehran are the center of violent street protests, most of Tehran’s hospitals are crowded with injured, Islamshahr, Baharestan and Chahardangeh and Adrian Roads are the center of conflict in south Tehran and Sadeghiyeh is the center of protests in west Tehran, and Tehran Pars as a gathering center. East of Tehran is mentioned.
Imam Khomeini Hospital in Tehran is also the main center of the injured in Tehran.
After Tehran, Karaj is the center of protests in the west of Tehran province, with police armored vehicles and special unit pickup trucks on the streets of Karaj.
According to eyewitness accounts in Karaj, there are fewer banks and petrol stations that have been damaged.
In Shahriar, teachers’ control of the square since Sunday and the protesters are not ready to leave.
Most offices in Tehran are half-closed and universities are completely closed.
It is worth mentioning that most of the repression has been carried out by the police so far. The Revolutionary Guards and security bases of Imam Ali Basij have been on alert but there have been no reports of their organizational presence in Tehran, Alborz and other cities.
The Revolutionary Guards Political Bureau had called on Khamenei’s “security centers and institutions” in recent days to contain and control the protests, but did not report any street presence in the area.

arlier sources from the Kurdistan Human Rights Network reported that at least five people were killed by security forces shooting in Marivan, #Iran

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