What to wear

Face masks and swim goggles to counter chemical gases

Comfortable shoes and sneakers that let you run.

ً Preferably dark clothing that covers your entire body to protect against pepper gas and other substances.

Use glasses, masks and equipment that are not easily brittle.

Large handkerchiefs that can be used to cover the head and face and moisturize with vinegar and lemon juice if necessary to prevent pepper inhalation.

Have at least one extra coat of clothing with you so that they can be quickly replaced if you are shot with colored guns so that you will not be identified.

If possible, wear a hat to prevent both heat and cold and prevent chemical exposure.


What not to do?

Avoid using petroleum jelly, cosmetics, moisturizers, and sunscreen because they absorb chemicals and tear gases.

Avoid contact lenses that cause chemicals to accumulate underneath.

Do not wear jewelry such as earrings, bracelets or necklaces as they can be easily stolen or can cause bodily harm in the crowd.

Never stand alone in gatherings. Having a group of friends or joining other organized groups can increase your personal safety margin.

Make sure you eat a good amount of food before you go for a walk and take a drink with you.


Document the actions of the police and security forces by filming or recording them. In the meantime, be careful not to identify yourself to these forces.

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