Natalya Burlinova is wanted by the FBI – Наталья Бурлинова

In their words - mostly The FBI put on the wanted list the ex-producer of the station "Moscow Speaks" Natalia Burlinova It is reported that she is suspected of recruiting Americans on the instructions of the FSB. According to the investigation, in exchange for funding, she gave the Russian intelligence service data on those Americans who managed to recruit. Among the information were passport details, resumes, photos and analysis of citizens' views on Russia. Burlinova…

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GUR guarantees $100,000 for the captured Girkin / Гіркіна

The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine guarantees the payment of $100,000 for the transfer of Igor Girkin (Strelkov) to Ukrainian captivity. It is known that one of the most famous Russian terrorists decided to renew his participation in the war against our state. Igor Girkin (Strelkov) is a Russian terrorist, the former so-called "Minister of Defense of the DPR". Currently, the Security Service of Ukraine and the General Prosecutor's…

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Amin Vaziri  – WANTED

Wanted by the Iranian people: Amin Vaziri Deputy Prosecutor of Tehran Assistant supervisor of political prisoners in Evin prison Charges: Violation of human rights and crimes against humanity through participation in the issuance of death sentences, imprisonment and flogging for political opponents and protesters, including Ruhollah Zam Judicial repression and torture of dissidents, protesters and political prisoners Amin Vaziri, deputy prosecutor and assistant prosecutor overseeing political prisoners who is based in an office in #Evin…

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