Two narratives

OVOD "Freedom and Freedom There are two narratives and discourses about Putin, antagonistic to each other. The first says that Russia lost, Putin lost, that it was Putin's big mistake and views the war not as a natural development of Putinism, not as a component of the racist system, but as some kind of anomaly, an accident. She presents him as a rational actor who started the war purely as a continuation of domestic politics,…

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Tavika82 – Putins smug lies

A bald spot chipped off like a prostitute explained the reasons for the start of the war in Ukraine This dirt believes that he was provoked into war by ill-wishers in order to limit "technological sovereignty" (whatever that means) and economic development. All this nonsense with the signature cynical smile, chuckles and antics. I want to step on this creature’s face with my boot so that Botox splashes cover everything around.

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Russia Completely Confused on a CounterOffensive

When, where, how, and how many vexing Russian leadership They really have no idea and, therefore, have resorted to WWI style defense infrastructure. Their thinking is skewed, while fear and corruption continue to permeate their senior ranks. Failure means a long trip off a hotel balcony as Putler hides in his bunker making decisions under extreme duress, influenced by false information ( the emperor has no clothes) , using his paranoid personality enhanced with anti-cancer…

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Putin: A True Clone of #Hitler

The Kremlin and Botox complexes The Cynic Readers pay attention to the fact that the Russian media always talk about the success of the Ukrainian army in the targeted destruction of some Russian warehouses as a negligence of the Russians themselves. At the same time, readers pay attention to the fact that it would be more logical to demonize the strength of the opponent so that local victories over him look even more grandiose for…

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Nedoführer ordered to strike missiles at the people of Ukraine

Today on the channel "Nightingale Litter" read an interesting idea why Russian "high-precision" missiles "high-precision" hit the homes of civilians and kill ordinary citizens, although Russian propaganda constantly shouts about the "defeat of decision-making centers." "Nedoführer ordered to strike missiles at the people of Ukraine, because it is the Ukrainian people who are the center of decision-making, it is he who refuses to bow both to Putin's puppets and to the Russian army" (c)

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Belarus Gulag – The Hague Had a Room for You

There was a rumor that you are not healthy, your hands are shaking, that's the trouble, you take care of yourself Putler, great things are waiting for us.Eat Ukrainian borscht, chew horseradish like honey - it is healing, and by the fall we will go to The Hague, there is a world boarding house there. The ringleader of lies and excuses, carriers of vile tales, neighbors of grief and suffering, the bloody dog of the…

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