The Kremlin and Botox complexes

The Cynic

Readers pay attention to the fact that the Russian media always talk about the success of the Ukrainian army in the targeted destruction of some Russian warehouses as a negligence of the Russians themselves. At the same time, readers pay attention to the fact that it would be more logical to demonize the strength of the opponent so that local victories over him look even more grandiose for the internal consumer: “Look, what a terrible enemy we have trapped.”

I explain the actions of the Russian Federation from an informational point of view.

Russia is the quintessence of Nazism in the spirit of its national-imperial idea. The essence of Nazism lies in the exaltation of one nation over all the others, while to enhance the effect, the Nazis use disparaging expressions and create, along the way popularizing, insulting myths about all other nationalities. In any other case, the concept of a “superior nation” is not viable.

The very existence of today’s Russia without rabid Nazism is impossible, since it has become a national “smelter” in which the cultural characteristics of all subjects of the federation are being destroyed.

If Nazism is removed from the structure of Russian statehood, then in the end the Russian Republic will remain with a number of additional autonomous formations that are in complete economic dependence on the center and cannot ensure their independent existence.

In this regard, Russia needs to be constantly surrounded by enemies (to tighten the screws and maximize the centralization of power), but the enemies are “stupid”, mediocre and degenerate (otherwise the phenomenon of national superiority disintegrates: in the Nazi construction, no one can be equal to the supreme nation).

Actually, this is what the Putin regime implements. “We are at war with all of NATO” – the fixation of society and the consolidation of militarism on the “circle of enemies.”

But at the same time, neither NATO, nor even more so Ukraine, as Putin’s “trauma of the free world,” can strike, let alone Crimea, which has become the same “mental trauma” of the supreme Nazi. In this case, the concept of true greatness is violated, the image of an equal enemy is formed, which means that the system-forming centralized Nazism begins to collapse.

If Ukraine can strike at Ukrainian Crimea, which Putin sees as a symbol of his triumph, and Russia has no way of responding, then Russia is admitting weakness, putting Ukraine on a par with itself along the way. This is generally unacceptable for the essence of pure Nazism, since Ukraine itself does not exist in this concept (in Putin’s understanding, it is part of the “Russian” ethnic group). And “part” cannot be equal to “core”. Moreover, a part cannot be stronger than this nucleus.

Propaganda is not mistaken when it does not recognize any blows against itself – it operates within the framework of the mechanisms that were built by Putin. Actually, therefore, “everything goes according to plan”, since in Nazism there are no equal rivals, no equal allies, no failures. All – in a subordinate position and derogatory “fools”.

And, based on this, Putin’s Nazi regime has no way out of a clear defeat in the war, about which we wrote a lot in the first days after the start of the aggression. Therefore, the list of war goals has not yet been published – everything that is achieved will be the “goal”, since Nazism does not have tactical and strategic failures: only triumphant victories. Or their illusions.

And the regime will be Nazi as long as the propaganda manages to create an image of triumph in the average voter. He cannot be aware of defeats and mistakes, since the recognition of mistakes is the recognition of one’s imperfection, and the leader of the Nazis cannot be imperfect.

And here it is important: there is no way out of the Nazi impasse, since it was he who became the load-bearing wall of Russian statehood. As soon as doubts about their own absolute greatness appear in the mass consciousness, not only Nazism will collapse, but also statehood, and with them centralized power.

So Putin, as a true clone of Hitler, puts his state on the brink of existence. Then the state was kept only due to external forces, which carried out a gradual structural restructuring.

By Treadstone 71

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