2nd Chinese Aircraft Carrier the Liaoning

2nd Chinese Aircraft Carrier the Liaoning has left it's dock from the city of Qingdao amid the heightened tensions between the US & China. So far it's expected both the Aircraft carriers are approaching the Taiwan Strait. According to Taiwan state media The Taiwanese air force base Taitung Zhihang has entered a state of "full combat readiness" 8 Mirage 2000s have also been dispatched to guard the southwestern airspace; joining the 2 already guarding it.…

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World War III now in Taiwan?

The Cynic After the "Taiwan outbreak" faded a little, reports began to come in again that Nancy was flying to Taiwan. In parallel, China and the United States are implementing an interesting distribution of threats. Washington maintains a low profile, demanding symmetrical behavior from Beijing: the White House claims that it does not recognize the independence of Taiwan and adheres to the "one China" doctrine, but considers that Taiwan is free to visit. Beijing, on…

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Chinese air defense systems seen moving into the Fujian province next door to Taiwan

Chinese air defense systems have been seen moving into the Fujian province next door to Taiwan. This is the HQ-22 air defense system of the communist Chinese army, which is designed to destroy aircraft, helicopters, medium and heavy UAVs, cruise missiles and other aerodynamic targets. Taiwan has already deployed its air defense systems at the international airport, a civilian facility.

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