Yesterday, many asked the question – why did Taiwan not use the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system to shoot down China’s ballistic missiles?

The first comments about this appeared:
1. The launch of the rocket takes place on the territory of China, then it picks up acceleration and reaches a height of over 100 km beyond the atmosphere, reaching the edge of space. The missile is said to be out of Taiwanese airspace and out of sight of Taiwanese air defenses at this point. Therefore, there is no crossing of airspace – there is no reaction, the interception of missiles in space is excluded.
2. A single Patriot launch is estimated at NT$50 million, while a Dongfeng launch costs NT$20 million. Probably a hint that Taiwan has too few missiles in its arsenal to waste them firing at the Chinese.

Diagram 1 shows the flight of a Chinese ballistic missile in red without entering the air defense zone of Taiwan, in the second diagram – with the entrance to the air defense zone.

By Treadstone 71

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