From One to the Next – China Rattling Sabers over Taiwan

NPR | Guardian China's ambassador to the U.S. warns of 'military conflict' over Taiwan | 28-01-22— "China's ambassador to the United States issued a warning Thursday: The U.S. could face "military conflict" with China over the future status of Taiwan (but not during the Olympics - an inconvenience) From one foe to the next - like a fake wrestling tag team. Everybody wants to rule the world In his first one-on-one interview since assuming his…

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Delta Electronics Taiwan – When Companies Just Will Not Listen

We started reaching out to them in 2016. We spoke at conferences about their issues starting in Prague 2017. Even the Russians Took Notice In fact, Trend Micro was in the audience (along with a Russian group). Trend Micro took advantage of our talk and started working to get some of this corrected (ICS Cert), unbeknownst to us. We posted decks and reports on and off for a few years. Now we see they are…

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#China #Maritime Report – Special Operations

PLA special operations forces (SOF) would likely play important supporting roles in an amphibiousassault on Taiwan. Their capabilities and training are geared towards several missions undertaken during the preparatory and main assault phases of the landing, including infiltration via specialmission craft and helicopter, reconnaissance and targeting, obstacle clearance, strikes and raids, and extraction missions. While PLA SOF have made progress in recent years, several longstanding challenges could affect their performance in an island landing: integrating…

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