The PLA command continues to prepare ground forces for a possible scenario in the Taiwan Strait

For the rapid deployment of troops, exercises are conducted to transfer formations to operational areas. So, in July of this year. The 145th mixed mechanized brigade of the 73rd Army of the Eastern Command of the PLA conducted an exercise to check the readiness of the formation to make a march over long distances.

➖ personnel of the brigade;
➖ 12 infantry fire support vehicles ZTL-11;
➖ 2 armored medical vehicles on the chassis of the BTR ZBL-08;
➖ 5 infantry fighting vehicles ZSL-92B;
➖ 9 vehicles for transporting personnel.
➖ 3 command and staff vehicles;
➖ other armored vehicles (4 units) and tankers.

Worked out questions:
➖ alert, collection of personnel;
➖ advancing the column to the area of ​​the railway station;
➖ loading of personnel and military equipment on trains, delivery to the unloading station;
➖ making a march to a conditional area of ​​warfare in the dark;
➖ organization of firing and offensive actions.

The time for the march was three days, a route of 1000 km was overcome.

The first video of a new Chinese LCU-type tank landing boat designed to equip the new Project 075 amphibious assault ships of the PTaiwan

Fujian Provincial Maritime Security Administration (China) July 11 this year. commissioned patrol ship “Hai Xun 06” (Hai Xun 06)

Purpose: patrolling the waters, in particular the Taiwan Strait, escorting ships, participating in rescue operations, coordinating emergency response and preventing marine pollution in China.

➖ length – 128 m;
➖ width – 16 m;
➖ draft – 7.9 m;
➖ displacement – 6600 tons;
➖ cruising range – 10,000 nautical miles;
➖ maximum speed – 23 knots;
➖ sailing autonomy – 60 days.
Able to make a trip with a wind force of 12 points and a sea of ​​9 points.

China has developed a highly sensitive, portable gravity detector for military use, including underwater navigation

The device’s portability and ease of use make it ideal for military applications such as mobile launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine navigation, according to a research team at Zhejiang University of Technology in Hangzhou.

The gravimeter will allow the submarine to detect the presence of a seamount or other submarine without the use of sonar, helping to avoid accidents like the one that befell the US nuclear submarine Connecticut in the South China Sea.

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