China’s attack on Taiwan will affect global trade flows more than the war in Ukraine

This will lead to a shortage of semiconductor chips, Taipei’s chief trade negotiator John Deng told Reuters.

Yesterday there was information that Chinese President Xi Jinping signed an order on the right to conduct a “special operation” against Taiwan. The text of the document is expected today.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping signed a directive allowing the “non-military” use of the PRC military, raising fears of a possible Chinese invasion of the island of Taiwan under the guise of a “special operation” not classified as a war.

Xi signed the decree, which will come into effect on June 15, 2022. It consists of 6 chapters and 59 articles, state media reported, without reprinting the full text.

“It [the decree] regulates the basic principles, organization and command, types of operations, operational support and political work, as well as their implementation by the troops,” the state news agency Xinhua said in a brief report.

“The Decree provides a legal basis for the “non-military” use of the armed forces,” the statement said.

Another version: Xi Jinping is trying to prevent coup attempts.

One wonders whether Beijing will classify the Taiwan situation as a coup in order to bolster national and possibly international support for the PRC’s operation in Taiwan.

The goals of Xi Jinping’s ruling, according to the Xinhua news agency:

☑️ prevention and elimination of risks and challenges;
☑️ response and settlement of emergency situations;
☑️ protection of life and property of people;
☑️ maintaining national sovereignty, security and development interests;
☑️ maintaining world peace and regional stability;
☑️ innovative use of the armed forces;
☑️ regulation of the organization and implementation of military operations.

The 6 chapters and 59 articles summarize the experience gained by the PRC during past missions and practices, list the results of both military and civilian research, and standardize the basic principles of political work, which is the basis for military operations other than war.

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