On the topic Gas-dynamic processes in the cavities of air launchers
systems for underwater objects – Russian Intel Download

BACHELOR'S FINAL QUALIFICATION WORKGaskov Semyon AlexandrovichSurname, name, patronymic of the studentOn the topic Gas-dynamic processes in the cavities of air launcherssystems for underwater objects Direction of training 24.03.01 Missile systems and astronauticsdirection index full direction name The object of study is an outboard launcher.The purpose of the work: to determine the parameters in the cavities of air launch systems for underwater objects while providing the required launch parameters of the product.The paper considers a system…

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RUSSIAN nuclear submarines deploying: move to the areas of operation

Right now, nuclear submarines are going to sea, the combat crews of the strategic missile forces are on alert and begin to move to the areas of operation Putin instructed to transfer the Russian deterrence forces to a special mode of combat duty due to the aggression of the West.The strategic deterrence forces are designed to deter aggression against Russia and its allies, as well as to defeat the aggressor (inflicting defeat on him), including…

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Third, fourth non-nuclear submarines project 677 “Lada”

Rubric: Building a fleet of a strong country Shipbuilders of the Admiralty shipyards have started cutting metal for the construction of the third and fourth non-nuclear submarines of project 677 "Lada" of the Rubin design bureau (part of #USC). Project 677 Lada submarines belong to the fourth generation of non-nuclear submarines, and today they are recognized as the most modern and promising domestic non-nuclear submarines both in terms of combat effectiveness and other tactical and…

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Stationary electromagnetic submarine detection system – KOMOR

Komor Mission The Komor electromagnetic stationary submarine detection system is designed to control the sea-situation to ASW border. Features detecting undersea targets by their electromagnetic/magnetic fields;calculation their coordinates and moving direction;classification of the detected underwater targets at controlled borderlines;automatic transmission the submarine coordinates to coastal control post. Composition remote undersea equipment, including sea-bottom modules, relay units, and cable-antenna;equipment of the coastal control post including receiver, data display and control unit. Capabilities The electromagnetic border is…

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RU Autonomous submarine detection system with unified sonobuoy communication channel

Amga Autonomous submarine detection system with unified sonobuoy communication channel Mission The Amga autonomous submarine detection system with unified sonobuoy communication channel is a system of anchored, self-contained passive sonar stations with ground/ship-based receiver designed to detect submarines in naval base and other littoral areas, as well as in the reconnoitered directions of their cruise. Features automatically search and detect undersea objects by their sonar fields;automatically tracking and classifying undersea targets, with the computation of…

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Updates: Russia detects US Submarine near Territorial waters

US rejects Russian claims a Virginia-class sub entered Russian waters, per Indo-Pacific Command’s Capt. Kyle Raines: "There is no truth to the Russian claims of our operations in theirterritorial waters. I will not comment on the precise location of oursubmarines." Russian Ministry of Defense says an US Navy Virginia-class submarine was detected near Russian territorial waters near the contested Kuril islands. Virginia-class SubmarinesDownload According to Russian MoD, Russian Pacific Fleet Udaloy-class destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov used special…

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