Electronic warfare

#Iranian Regime #Interference in #Syria Leads to Iranian Deaths

Intent on killing Jews, Iran's claims of Western occupation of Middle Eastern countries is shrouded with clouds of hypocrisy. Years of funding proxies, architecting terror attacks, and building bases while citizens go without basics shows the regime's true personality. The regime's recent deification of Soleimani, known to be the main architect of their foreign actions, demonstrates their hollow appeasement of the populace. Iran claims it wants peace. Their actions indicate a desire to control the…

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The Cyber Shafarat Wants Input-Support our Cause – The Cyber Shafarat – Treadstone 71

Treadstone 71 Projects for 2022 include: Updates to our cloud-based, cyber intelligence wiki – CyberIntellipediaAddition of several new online courses – CyberIntelligenceTrainingCenter.comAddition of several new in-person courses – http://www.treadstone71.comConsideration for a pay-only CyberShafarat.com site (in addition to the existing)Enhancements to existing coursesCyber Shafarat RSS as an Intelligence Feed ServiceThe rollout of a Crowdfunding OptionTiered options thatGive donors access to online courses,In-person courses,CyberIntellipedia,Enhancements to our online training platform,Improved Cyber Shafarat Premium contentIf your survey selections come to…

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Aselsan delivered the ILGAR Combat EW system to the Turkish army.

Aselsan, Aselsan A.Ş. is a Turkish defense corporation headquartered in Ankara, Turkey. Its main operating area is research, development and manufacture of advanced military products for air, land and maritime forces. The company is one of the major contractors of Turkish Armed Forces. The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) has received an upgraded ILGAR electronic warfare system from Aselsan. Ismail Demir, head of the Department of Defense Industries (SSB), announced on Twitter that the Ilgar system…

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