Cognitive Warfare, Grey Zone Tactics, Disinformation, Influence Operations, Information Operations, Color Revolutions, Neuro-Linguistic Program, Private Intelligence Firms, and more. We include review of cognitive warfare approaches, a potential framework, historical examples, rational processes, bias in perception and cognition, decision making and time pressures, domains of conflict and combatants, factors influencing decisions, speed and overload, manipulating situational awareness, inducing behavioral change using deception, distraction, distrust, chaos, and confusion. Students learn to assess adversaries for susceptiblity to cogntive weapons and what to observe for potential impacts.

Students will learn methods of deception to deceive adversaries, distraction tactics, content creation for distrust, as well as methods of deployment. These methods are included in student created cognitive campaigns that are continuous from multiple vectors. Students will learn cognition of targets while understanding worlds of social media, information, intelligence, and other online vectors. We also cover the issues associated with measuring campaign effectiveness and influence analysis.

By Treadstone 71

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