Dear community


War is a difficult time for everyone. A rather difficult task fell on our shoulders. Restraining the enemy on the Internet.

Among us there are Ddosers, Osints, hackers, just not indifferent, who rape the nervous system of racists in private messages. All this helps to fight the enemy and demoralizes him.

The struggle on the information front is quite exhausting. That is why the staff of the Haidamaki administration offers you to relax and arrange a movie night with a broadcast of the film in HD quality on our disc channel.

There will also be a chat for everyone, where you can chat, joke and have a warm evening conversation with each other.

Of course, no one cancels the goals, so the film will be broadcast in between the choice of goals. Everyone deserves a rest!

Gathering in discord at 20:30

Discord Gaidamak:

By Treadstone 71

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