Information and hybrid wars – Hands On

Friends, everyone who wanted and asked about OSINT with a focus on working with information – information and hybrid wars. I advise you to pay attention to the unique new educational program at Treadstone 71. The program is tailored to work with information and analytics, accompanied by the best practices of information wars.

Highly recommended

Information operations:
– The latest practice of information operations in Russian-Chinese-Iranian American relations
– Analytical support for special military and police operations
– Features of countering modern technologies of anti-adversary revolutions

– Intelligence actions of special military and police operations in the media and new media
– Fight against fakes in the conditions of special military and police operations
– Countering terrorist threats in the context of special military and police operations
– Drug cartels, militias and criminal networks in modern hybrid warfare operations

Intelligence and private intelligence companies (PMCs+)
– Competitive intelligence and private intelligence companies
– Methods of competitive intelligence
– Techniques for exposing text, photo, video and audio fakes
– NLP and other techniques of effective communication, psychology of extreme states

Form of training: Subscription 2 years

Plan for admission to the program in 2022 (November): 20 places

Instructor, supervisor of the program: Jeff Bardin

By Treadstone 71

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