Facebook Bias – Palestinian Red Line

Regarding Facebook’s bias towards Israel at the expense of the Palestinians and restricting their posts.

The steps are very simple to respond to the shocking shock of Facebook, you only have to go to the Google Store “direct link below”, make a rating for Facebook with one star and write a comment condemning and objecting to Facebook’s bias towards the Zionist entity, these steps will force Facebook to change its standards that consider the Palestinians’ right to defense  About themselves terror.
Its rating is now at 3.4, after it was 4.2 days ago
When his rating reaches 1, Google will automatically delete him from his store, which means that Mark will lose billions of dollars.

Now the number of residents is 220 thousand, we need about 100 thousand one-star evaluation in order to get it to the stage of removing it from the Google Store.


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الآن عدد المقيمين هم 220 الف، نحتاج إلى حوالي 100 الف تقييم بنجمة واحدة حتى نصل به إلى مرحلة حذفه من متجر قوقل.


بارك الله في كاتبها وناشرها