“Adalat Ali” Accesses Evin Prison Cameras

A hacker group called “Adalat Ali” has published images that, according to this group, were received from the security cameras of #Evin_Prison.  In one of the videos, a cyber attack warning message with the name of this group is seen on the screens of the control room.  In another video, a skinny person in prison clothes falls to the ground.


“Evin prison was probably the reason for Khamenei’s appointment to the presidency.  “We will continue the oppression he and the regime inflict on the people. Every Iranian freedom fighter is aware of the regime’s scandalous executions and secret and horrific prisons to stifle the voices of the fighters.”

They also said: “Today we will expose the repressions and massacres of the regime in Evin prison and we will not allow this regime to hide again.”

This group has announced that it has other pictures of the wards, rooms and grounds of Evin Prison, which show the officers’ treatment of prisoners