Another post on the topic “Когда сдохнет Пыпа.”

Everyone should understand that the point of no return on February 24, 2022, has been passed between the relations between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. This only means that this war is very, very long ( on the borders of 1991, it is unlikely to end, even though it will be our victory ).

Putin is a collective Russian Federation.

From the fact that he dies, the Russian Federation will not cease to be what it is and what it has been for several centuries.

From the fact that he dies, the Kremlin, the State Duma, the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Moscow Region, the Federal Penitentiary Service will not change.

The people will not change, the mentality, thinking and many things will not change.

Пыпа did not single-handedly decide on the outbreak of war, violence, war crimes, the bombing of peaceful cities, the occupation of peaceful land that did not plan to attack anyone.

Пыпа is not to blame for the fact that the Russians are slaves, hypocrites, cowards and liars. His omnipotence is a consequence of the slavery of the Russians, but certainly not vice versa.

Пыпа is not to blame for the fact that all Russians are completely corrupt. He and all his entourage steal because they are allowed to do it. Because they themselves would do the same if they were in his place or in the place of his people.

As soon as he dies, with a probability of 99%, a person who is a thousand times worse than himself will come to his place.

Пыпа himself, when he came to power, was the usual servant of the capital of the oligarchs, business, and organized crime groups. He was a compromise person who very well took advantage of the chance and crushed the whole country under him. On the very first day of his rule, Putin allocated billions for the work of the FSB and gave them complete omnipotence over all institutions of the state.

His entire system from day one was built on violence, fear, and corruption.

Around Putin are bloodthirsty jackals, whom he himself raised with the tacit consent of the Russians.

I have no hope for changes due to Putin’s death, but I have high hopes that his entourage will cut each other’s throats in the battle for the throne (or because of the newcomer) and that absolutely all Russians will be affected.

By Treadstone 71

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