We publish a requestfrom the editorial board of the Vesti Podmoskovye publication and the answer:

Dear Evgeny Viktorovich!
Earlier, you stated that “the recruitment of prisoners in PMC “Wagner” has been completely stopped”, therefore, PMC “Wagner” will be reduced.

According to numerous messages on the network, the hardest battles are now underway for Bakhmut, and the whole country is watching this.

Can you say what the risk of reducing the number of Wagner PMC fighters is, and what will this affect?

We publish the commentary of E.V. Prigogine:

“Yes. It really is. There are forces that “dry” PMC “Wagner,” as PMC “Wagner” becomes more active and productive than many other military formations. Of course, stopping the recruitment of prisoners is bad. Bad not only for the Wagner PMC, but also for those guys who are serving their sentence, who would like to go to and die just like those who have already used their chance to atone for their guilt – went through the hell of war and ate their dirt sandwich from my kitchen.

Now there is an active recruitment and training of fighters of PMC “Wagner” in the regions. There are many who wish. Certainly, difficulties arise. For example, there were enormous difficulties with advertising agencies, despite the fact that I generously financed advertising for recruitment in the Wagner PMC. For example, many Moscow advertising agencies wrinkle their powdered noses and refuse to cooperate. This was very probably at the instructions of the Kremlin in all their paranoia.

Taking this opportunity, at the end of my answer, I ask all advertising agencies that want to work with Wagner PMC and help us recruit fighters (of course, on commercial terms), send their contact details to the Concord press service (press-mail@ inbox.ru ) so that we can contact you.

*I am enclosing a list of advertising agencies that “wrinkled their noses” and refused to cooperate with Wagner PMC:

1. National Advertising Alliance
2. Gazprom-media.
5.OMD Media Direction
7.AVM Media
8.Media system
9. ADV group
10. Gamer .

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