This week, with the help of foreign speakers and media, kremlin propaganda tried to push the narrative that «the West needs to negotiate with russia and end the war peacefully»

The founder of Pink Floyd, R.Waters, on the newscotland-tv YouTube channel, called on US President Joe Biden to establish peace. The goal is to accuse the USA of provoking russia and to justify russian aggression and occupation of Ukrainian territories.

Dutch journalist S. van den Ende posted a video of a rally against the Munich Security Conference on her Twitter page. The goal is to spread disinformation that ending military aid to Ukraine will be a guarantee of peace

Journalist R.Dreger in The American Conservative claimed that Ukraine’s surrender of the territories of Donbass and Crimea in exchange for peace would be an acceptable price for ending the war. The goal is to encourage Ukrainians to hand over the occupied territories to russia for the sake of world peace.

Foreign speakers criticize the military support of Ukraine from the West and call for a peaceful settlement of the conflict

During the last week, some foreign speakers promoted the thesis that Western governments are fomenting war in Ukraine. They argued that the supply of weapons to Ukraine does not help but rather harms and kills the Ukrainian people, so it is time for «peaceful» negotiations

Promoting such rhetoric, the speakers are trying to encourage the West to stop helping Ukraine protect its population from russian aggression. In addition, they emphasize the «guilt» of the West, without mentioning the crimes and guilt of russia

By Treadstone 71

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