If in the temporarily occupied areas of Ukraine men are forcibly mobilized and sent to their inevitable deaths, in the central regions of Russia they are invited to contract service with promises of high salaries, social benefits and opportunities for unpunished robbery and looting.

According to the military intelligence of Ukraine, only in the Central Military District of Russia in January-April 2022, 2,861 contracts for military service were concluded.

Selection points for military service under the contract
Central Military District
For the period January-April 2022, 2,861 contracts for the passage of military service

Most Russians, despite the high probability of death in Ukraine, are encouraged to do military service by their parents and relatives.

Ukraine’s military intelligence publishes information about servicemen of the Central Military District of Russia who signed a contract for military service in January-April 2022 and reminds that all war criminals will be brought to justice.

Central Military District (Russia)

The Central Military District is a military-administrative unit of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, uniting associations, formations, military units, institutions, establishments stationed in the Siberian, Ural and Volga federal districts, within the borders of 29 constituent entities of the Russian Federation (the former PURVO and the western part of the territory of the SibVO). 

Headquarters – Yekaterinburg

Central Military District (TsVO) Part of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Type Joint Strategic Command / Military District Deployment Siberian Federal District, Ural Federal District, Volga Federal District. Headquarters – YekaterinburgInsignia

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