On February 19, a Russian A-50 aircraft at its usual location at the Machulishchi airbase south of Minsk.

Information appeared in the reports that, allegedly, it was damaged as a result of an attack by two drones.

It is important to note that the aircraft provides radar surveillance of Russian air operations, which is one of Russia’s main advantages over Ukraine in terms of air warfare. We’ll be watching the pictures online. The information is being verified.

“The damage is serious, the plane will no longer fly”

According to BYPOL, as a result of the explosion in Machulyshchy, the front and central parts of the board, the avionics and the radar antenna were damaged in the DRLO A-50 VKS Russian aircraft. The explosion occurred during work near this aircraft of snow removal equipment.

Russian military officials also confirm the information about the explosions at the airfield in Belarus. They say it was probably a drone attack.

Several explosions allegedly occurred at the Belarusian military airfield in Machulishchi, located 12 kilometers from Minsk.

There are no official assessments from Lukashenka yet.

1. Sabotage, as a result of which the Russian military aircraft A-50 early warning radar was seriously damaged.

2. Russian aircraft A-50 “may have received some damage as a result of a drop from the height of an unidentified object.”

Russian military correspondents Yuri Kotenok and Semyon Pegov also wrote that the airfield was probably attacked by drones.

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus did not comment on the situation either.

MP General Andrei Gurulev is sure that the Russian Armed Forces, not Alexander Lukashenko, should respond to a possible attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on a Russian military facility located in Belarus.

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