Tinkoff Investments will transfer clients’ assets to another company after falling under EU sanctions

“We have prepared for any possible event and have developed an infrastructure solution that will allow clients to seamlessly transfer assets to a new non-sanctioned company within one to three weeks. All the usual investment tools and services will be fully available in the Tinkoff Investments application, the broker said in a statement .

Sanctions and restrictions: answers to frequently asked questions:

  • • Will ruble bonds traded on the Moscow Exchange be available?
  • Yes. Trading securities with settlements in rubles on the Moscow Exchange (including TCSG, AGRO, CIAN, ETLN, FIVE, FIXP, GEMC, GLTR, HMSG, MDMG, OKEY, OZON, POLY, VEON-RX, VKCO, YNDX, HHRU, QIWI, SFTL) runs in standard mode.
  • • What will happen to my foreign securities due to blocking EU sanctions? What papers will it affect? Will I be able to continue trading?
  • We have developed solutions for various scenarios, including this one. We are transferring foreign securities traded on the SPB Exchange to a non-sanctioned company. In order to avoid the risk of blocking, as well as to take all necessary actions for the transfer, we are temporarily suspending trading in foreign securities. Within 1-3 weeks, we plan to launch trading.
  • • Will SPB Exchange suspend services to Tinkoff Bank due to blocking sanctions?
  • Since SPB Exchange interacts with European accounting institutions in order to protect client assets from potential risks, Tinkoff’s participation in trading was suspended.
  • • Where do you transfer assets? Is this a third party broker?
  • We are transferring assets to a new non-sanctioned depository. Trading in foreign securities, as well as all the functionality will be available, as before, in the mobile application. We worked out these decisions and agreements a few months ago, so the process of transferring trade should not take more than 1-3 weeks.
  • • Will securities be blocked, as was the case in May 2022?
  • No, the securities will not be blocked. The block in May 2022 was not caused by the imposition of sanctions on brokers.
  • • What will happen to my margin positions?
  • Margin trading in foreign securities will be temporarily suspended, foreign securities have been removed from the list of liquid securities – please monitor margin indicators, replenish your account if necessary to avoid a margin call. Nothing changes for ruble-denominated securities traded on the Moscow Exchange, the securities will remain in the list of liquid instruments and will be taken into account when calculating margin indicators.
  • • What about Hong Kong, shares trading flat?
  • Access to securities traded on the Hong Kong Exchange is provided by the SPB Exchange and will therefore also be temporarily restricted.
  • • What will happen to IIS? And if there are dollar shares? What will happen to the opportunity to receive deductions with the closure of the IIS?
  • Maintenance of IIS is carried out in a regular mode, the tax deduction is preserved. We are working to ensure that trading in foreign securities is resumed as soon as possible.
  • • What about taxes?
  • The measures introduced will not have any impact on tax accounting and deductions.
  • • What will happen to euro trading?
  • Withdrawals in euros will be available. Euro trading will be suspended from 02/27/2023. Euros are excluded from the list of liquid instruments.
  • • What about the rest of the currency?
  • Sanctions do not affect trading, as well as factories / withdrawals of dollars and other currencies. All functionality is available in full.

We will continue to supplement the answers to these and other questions by following the link .

Temporarily suspending trading in Tinkoff currency funds

In connection with the EU sanctions, Tinkoff Capital Management Company has begun implementing infrastructural changes that will allow clients to trade all Tinkoff funds, as before. The implementation of these decisions requires a temporary suspension of trading in Tinkoff funds, which include foreign assets. The work of Investment Boxes in dollars and euros will also be temporarily suspended. We expect the resumption of trading in Tinkoff currency funds in the coming days.

The funds and the Investment Savings Bank in rubles continue to operate as before.

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