Details of tonight’s attack according to IRNA

Unsuccessful attack on one of the centers of the Ministry of Defense in Isfahan/explosion of small birds in defense traps

Department of Defense:
On the evening of the 8th of Bahman 1401 around 23:30, an unsuccessful attack was carried out using micro-birds on one of the workshop complexes of the Ministry of Defense, and fortunately, with predictions and defense measures, one of them was hit by the complex’s air defense and the other two of them in Defensive traps are caught and exploded.

Fortunately, this unsuccessful attack did not cause any casualties and caused minor damage to the roof of the workshop, which, by God’s grace, did not disrupt the equipment and missions of the complex.

The Ministry of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces assures the honorable nation of Islamic Iran that it will continue the action to produce power, authority and security with speed and seriousness, and these blind actions will not have an impact on the continuation of the country’s progress. God willing

According to Iskanews from Isfahan, various sources have reported that at least three explosions were heard in the northern area of Isfahan city (Imam Khomeini). Unconfirmed reports indicate that the explosion took place at a military position. The Director General of Isfahan Crisis Management has announced the investigation of the nature of this incident. [Update 00:09]
🔹 Rescue and security forces present at the place are dispersing the crowd present at the scene. Citizens should refrain from visiting the place of the accident. [Update 00:13]
Some citizens have reported hearing a sound similar to anti-aircraft fire. Iscannews is unable to independently verify citizen reports. [

The flight of fighters in the sky of different cities, there are many reports of fires in different provinces of Iran
Geolocation of Isfahan explosion site
32.71963166554399, 51.59462403633144
The drones that destroyed military centers of the mullahs in Isfahan last night

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