On November 12, the Chinese armed forces sent 36 aircraft and 3 ships to the Taiwan area.

18 aircraft and 3 PLA UAVs flew over the “median line” and the southern part of the air defense identification zone in the Taiwan Strait:
➖ 10 Jian-16 fighters;
➖ 1 reconnaissance and strike UAV CH-4;
➖ 4 Jian-10 fighters;
➖ 1 reconnaissance UAV BZK-005;
➖ 1 anti-submarine aircraft Kunqian-200;
➖ 1 reconnaissance UAV BZK-007;
➖ 3 Hun-6K bombers.

Directions of actions of the PLA in the event of an amphibious offensive operation in the Taiwan direction
➖ areas on the coast of China for landing;
➖ areas of concentration of landing units in the Taiwan Strait for further operations as part of a single formation;
➖ potential PLA landing sites on the coast of Taiwan.

During the flights, the issues of organizing air defense (air defense), reconnaissance of the activities of the Taiwanese armed forces and a conditional strike on important objects of the island were worked out.

According to our assessment based on the flights of the PLA aviation, the main blow (red circle in the diagram) in the event of the start of the Chinese NMD will be delivered along the southern coast of the island in order to ensure the safe landing of the landing units.

In the northern part of the Taiwan Strait, China is likely to conduct a diversionary maneuver.

By Treadstone 71

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