“I will ask you to remember once, take into account and not repeat yourself again:

Wagner PMC does not leave anyone on the battlefield.  If there is a risk that the group will be captured, we will deal with this group ourselves, and we will not allow anyone to be abused in captivity.

If a fighter runs the risk of being captured for some inexplicable reason, for example, left alone on the battlefield without ammunition, wounded, and cannot fight the enemy, then he explodes on himself the very cherished grenade that is given to every PMC fighter ”  Wagner.  They call it that: “the last grenade.”

There are extremely rare cases, extremely rare, when the fighters of the Wagner PMC, being unconscious, as a result of severe wounds or concussions, can be captured.  But for each captured, we take dozens or even hundreds of enemy soldiers and officers prisoner.  Therefore, the enemy has no chance of keeping PMC “Wagner” fighters in captivity.
As for the tel.  Each body of our fighters is a shrine that we simply do not give to the enemy.  All bodies are being pulled out.”

By Treadstone 71

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