Aramco Hack Sample Data Direct from the pirate team – STORMOUS RANSOMWARE

Below are samples taken from the recent Aramco hack.

The biggest penetration of the largest company’s data and the penetration of engineering schemas for buildings, banks and companies that will build bank cards and the penetration of ARAMCO’s data.
Welcome – After our conflict with a Saudi woman in ransom attacks, the largest engineering company hacked engineering schematics for banks, especially bank cards and IBANs, and hacked ARAMCO data.
With this, the hackers of the DARK SAT group and the hackers of the STORMOUS group said that these schematics will be sold to me with their data to those banks on the dark web and can be used in many cases, such as robbery. Or you buy and sell them with your representative or another manager.
These are engineering schematics for the buildings that we have that will be sold at a high price because they are important and you know that.
Also, these cards will be sold in our store in the dark web, you can buy them for a lower price, come on, and stolen ID cards
  Hackers stated that this penetration includes against Saudi Arabia because of its government and the injustice that the people live because of it.

Engineering schematics and ID card samples