According to this report, it is claimed that on the two nights of October 5 and 6 (last night and the night before), the Ukrainian Defense Forces shot down 9 aircraft out of 136, of which 7 aircraft were shot down in Mykolaiv.

Of course, this command had already reported 6 planes for October 5, and with this account for last night, it claims to have shot down 3 planes. (2 planes in Odessa and one plane in Mykolaiv)

But the interesting part, for this morning’s report, is that the Southern Air Command of Ukraine claimed that 2 Shahid 136 planes had entered Mykolaiv from the Black Sea side, which shot them down, and also recorded the second loss for Muhajir 6. It was shot down this morning near Mykolaiv, however no documentation has been released for all of the above claims.

If we factor in last night’s cases, the Ukrainians recorded 26 successful hits and 41 shooting downs for 136 witnesses.

By Treadstone 71

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