Graffiti, stickers, newspapers and leaflets are all partisan methods of agitation used by Russian anti-war movements despite the danger of persecution.

  • Wear baggy clothing that hides the silhouette of your figure.

Use the “field phone”

Before leaving, leave the main phone to your loved ones or at home. You can make several calls with a pre-recorded voice at the approximate time of the action. If your personal phone was with you, then according to the mobile operator, you can find out everything where and with whom you were next to. Use the field phone only for promotions, never turn it on at home, at work or in other places you frequently visit. Read more in our material about “field phones”.

Remember that you do not need to buy a phone and SIM cards with your bank card and in your name. On the Internet, you can find tips on using “gray” SIM cards, purchased, roughly speaking, in an underground passage, and not from the telecom operators themselves. It should be borne in mind that such a purchase is illegal, and the seller bears administrative responsibility.

Finally, consider a security protocol involving those who are not participating in the action. For example, each participant, having reached a safe place, can make a video call from their phone in a secure messenger to their trusted person and say a passphrase.

  • Change clothes, get rid of clothes (in the place of changing clothes or the action).

Do not rush to post photos on social networks

The recommended course of action is as follows: first you finished the action on which you took a photo or video, then immediately sent another trusted person via the “field” phone in a secure messenger (not the one you will later make a video call to!), and then delete all the photos and video and turned off the phone. Any photos and videos should not be published until you personally verify that the metadata has been removed from them.

By Treadstone 71

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