It can be added to the above that the characteristics of the candidates indicate an extreme concern for the safety of someone in WESTERN Ukraine.

▪️ First of all, consider:

– candidates who currently live in Ukraine, in a border country or within the EU and the Schengen area;
— able to speak Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian and/or Moldovan.

Knowledge of the Hungarian or Romanian languages for military operations in the east of Ukraine is clearly redundant, but for the “Western” regions or Transcarpathia – just right.

▪️ It is also noted that the customer is interested in a team for “extraction” (yes, the same “extraction”) of individuals and families from large cities and villages of Ukraine.

You will obviously have to extract it with shooting: at least five years of military experience in this region of Europe is required. Not the most common category, and therefore expensive.

▪️ Please note: Candidates are required to have “in-depth knowledge” of Soviet-era and NATO small arms, experience in rescue operations, an understanding of Ukrainian culture and the peculiarities of Ukrainian highways, plus tracker and extreme driving skills.

But knowledge in the field of heavy weapons or, say, mine-explosive business is not required.

Apparently, the customer has insider information, which will soon be restless even in Western Ukraine. And now he needs to guarantee the hasty evacuation of a certain category of people from there.

⚡️In the USA, mercenaries are massively recruited to Ukraine for $1-2 thousand per day

Mercenaries for operations in Ukraine are recruited in the United States at a double rate. The corresponding announcement on September 27 is on the main page of the American recruiting agency for security forces and adventurers

The announcement of the recruitment of military specialists with experience in military operations to Ukraine is posted simultaneously on the main page of the site and in the section “Vacancies for military contractors”.

The list of requirements for candidates includes: impeccable physical condition, at least 5 years of military experience in a given region of Europe, a good level of proficiency in Soviet-era and NATO small arms, skills in working with classified information and secure communication systems, etc.

In the description of this vacancy on the public website, it is indicated that these requirements are put forward for candidates for the position of “security guards and rescuers”. However, the size of the rate suggests that “specialists with combat experience” are recruited for high-risk tasks: “$ 1000-2000 per day + bonus.”

Job Description

JOB LOCATION:  Ukraine (nationwide travel required)
PAY: $1,000 – $2,000 per day(1) + bonus(2)

Employment Type: Contractor (1099)

(1) Pay rate will be based on experience, knowledge of AO, individual client, assigned location, and position within the extraction team
(2) Completion bonus will be discussed with employer

Employer is a US-based corporation seeking multiple Extraction / Protective Agents and teams to conduct part-time, covert, extraction / evacuation operations of individuals and families throughout the countryside and major cities of Ukraine.  Both male and female agents are welcome to apply.  Only highly experienced candidates who possess at least 5+ years of military experience in this region of Europe will be considered for this role – no exceptions.

NOTE: If you do not have extensive prior experience protecting private clients in a solo practitioner / small team capacity and 5+ years of military experience, you will not be competitive.  Only competitive candidates will be contacted for further vetting.  Non-competitive candidates will simply not be considered or contacted.


– Perform pre-mission route reconnaissance based on self gathered and local intelligence
– When possible liaise and leverage friendly forces, local authorities, or resistance fighters within the various AO’s for local and battlefield intelligence, clearance to travel, safe areas, aid stations, etc.
– Travel nationally by any means necessary in support of rescue / protective operations
– Practice OPSEC and COMSEC with sensitive and confidential material
– Flex and adapt as needed based on SALUTE types of intelligence
– Work weekdays, weekends, late hours and holidays

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS (do NOT apply without meeting these minimum qualification requirements):

– Must have 5+ years combined experience from either military and/or private military experience with at least 1 year of overseas combat experience
– Have strong working knowledge of how to implement Soviet-era and NATO small arms
– Have critical thinking skills with ability to work through complex problems quickly and efficiently for the preservation of life
– Ability to navigate with map and compass
– Candidate must be very physically fit
– Possess a high-degree of professionalism, responsibility, resolve and maturity
– Must be able to brief, persuade, and instruct others on objective requirements
– Possess a current US, UK, CAN, AUS, NZ, UKR, POL or dual citizen Passport with a EU or Schengen nation


– Candidates who are currently residing in Ukraine, a border country, or within an EU or Schengen nation
– Ability to speak Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, and or Moldovan language(s)
– Candidates with prior backgrounds in a Tier 1, SOF or combat arms MOS are highly desired and will be given primary preference
– Have a strong working knowledge of Ukrainian highways, roadways, terrain and culture
– Have prior experience conducting rescue operations with little to no support within war-torn or active warzone battlescapes
– Prior experience working with FBOs and knowledge of pathfinder operations
– Have experience and knowledge with vehicle, aircraft, and naval craft recognition skills of Soviet-era and NATO military armament
– Candidates that possess active First Responder, EMT certifications, or attended an 18D course are highly desired
– Have prior experience conducting surveillance / counter surveillance operations within the private security, private military, or military sectors
– Have prior experience conducting advance operations in support of private security, private military, or military sectors
– Possess prior experience as a security driver – specifically driving in a low profile capacity through hostile territory as a solo vic or part of a very small convoy

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