The guided bomb BS20 belong to air to earth bombs series has a guidance Capability based on IMU/SEEKER system which is usually used for explosion of Fixed and mobile arget. It has the capability of self-adjust at target trajectory after seeking and target various seekers like TV, IR,L type it can hold this condition constantly. This bomb is designed to make and damage and injury into human force, Vital Equipment and installation of the enemy. BS20 bomb is from pre-fragmented series which can be carried and dropped from different UAVS by meeting the requirements of loading and releasing.

Type of bomb

Size bomb

Length (mm)

Diameter (mm)

1080 120



Type of aircraft

Type of seeker

Multi-purpose warhead

Explosive warhead Type of fuse

Explosive weight


explosion of fixed and mobile target

with out manuevre


visible (TV)/Laser (L)




8.5 Kg

20 Kg

guided bomb

The new generation Iranian ATGM Almas-1 is a portable version of the complex with a range of up to 4 km. When launched from an UAV, the Almas missile can hit targets at a distance of up to 8 km, as previously reported.

Tactical Specifications

The Almas family are new generatin, man portable and platform-adaptabile advanced multipurpose weapon systems. The Alams is the second membership of this family. The Almas1 wystem is specially designed for urban warfare,

ground support and special missions with maximum survivability.

Imaging seeker & fiber-optical data link enable operator to observe

& update during flight and provide the unique ability to:

-Switch targets after launch

-Attack concealed targets -Achieve urban warfare precision

-Perform real-time surveillance and damage assessment Achieve extended range and pinpoint accuracy

Minimize collateral damage

-Abort mission after launch

Iranian 12.7mm machine gun with a rotating block of barrels and a large-caliber Hoveyzeh sniper rifle (a copy of the Barrett M82, as far as you can understand).

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