Good day! Friends, thank you for participating!
Thank you so much for your attention and support of our frontline guys! We help, and we will continue to help them.

We need to collect humanitarian aid for 35 people:
✔️ underwear (Underpants, T-shirts). 70 sets 32700
✔️Tea, cigarettes, stew, sweets, jam (strawberries, raspberries). Prices are different but it’s for 35 people
✔️ 4 pairs of shoes 43 / 2.44 and 45 rubles. One pair from 6500 rubles. Minimum price 26000 for 4 pairs
✔️ the shape is just not glass. urgently 3500 rubles for one 122 500 rubles.
✔️4 tactical helmets. 32700 one *4 output 130800
✔️2 go pro cameras. (this is for reporting to our channel) – you can 4, but if possible. 28000
✔️Clothes 35 pcs. 3024 for one total 105840 rubles.
✔️Invisible balaclavas (summer) 35 pcs. 11830
✔️Pro level radios 5 pcs. (Batteries for them)
219560 common with batteries.
✔️2 taganka for warming up food on distant frontiers. 4700*2 with delivery.

We need more than just financial help. If anyone wants to buy it himself and send gum to the fighters. help is most welcome!

For all questions please contact @IKC_fantomspyY. Feedback will be provided at any time. 

Over the last training camp, a lot has been collected that helped save the lives of the DPR FIGHTERS in the Kherson region of the 2nd unit of the 2nd company. 125 units, 35 fighters need our help. (The location of the fighters has changed yet remains a secret)
Each ponytail on your map will help save a life and keep a fighter from being hungry.

These are our donation addresses:

BTC: 376YzHzRy6abxZNbqs1G1s6c7iay5LdJvd

ETH: 0x61adDCE68A9153262eaeE38BE5854259bf227a0d

BNB: bnb146r8we7evr337lpt7glsh6hpl5w0snnpd24hz5

Thank you for doing the right thing!

My today’s backpack has a volume of ~ 40 liters.
Its function is to provide me with all the property I need in an autonomous system for up to 3 days.
If the task is supposed to be more extended in time, I will attend to additional options for carrying water and food. Otherwise, the set will be approximately the same.
So let’s get started.
Short list:
1. Water with the calculation of at least 1.5 liters per day. I emphasize: MINIMUM.
2. High-calorie food. It should be light, compact and not fragile. General principle: it is not worth the task to eat. The task is to support the functioning of a loved one and nothing more. Hearty and delicious meals at home.
3. BK. Scattering + group + all sorts of different interesting gizmos that I’m not talking about.
4. Dry socks + warm clothes (according to the weather). Preferably in a sealed bag. After a long march or overcoming wet places – stocks of dry socks will skyrocket.
5. Karemat (mat). As the urologist says, Lying on the ground even in summer is a bad omen. And these guys rummage in signs. Let’s listen.
6. Means of observation.
7. First aid kit with your individual medicines.
8. Household pencil case with little things: threads, needles, buttons, etc. jokes are jokes, and a backpack strap that has come off can let EVERYONE down.
9. A skein of paracord / cord. The use of rope is generally limited only by your imagination.
10. Headlamp with red light filter. If you do not want to notify everyone within a radius of one and a half kilometers about your presence, it is better to start a red flashlight.
11. Batteries for everything electronic. A GOOD supply of GOOD batteries. Preferably battery powered.
12. Power bank with a set of wires.
13. Magnetic compass. Moskompas is a great choice.
14. Poncho or membrane windbreaker. In the rain, it is better to hide from excess water.
15. KLMN (mug, spoon, bowl, knife), in other words, cutlery. Or a jetboil with a spoon.
16. Burner + gas.
17. Rag + oiler / can wd40. The weapon must be serviced.
18. Shovel + garden saw + work gloves. Ideally, they should also be accompanied by a willingness to burrow up to their ears every time they stop.
19. Insulating tape + reinforced tape. Very useful things in the household, the value of which is simply impossible to describe in one text.
20. Notepad with writing accessories. Ideally, a waterproof notebook (it costs 170 rubles in alloy) and a pencil. Write down formulas, tables and anecdotes there. You will entertain the brothers in the evenings. Just not obscene.
21. Awning. Pulling something over the trench that will protect you from rain and a curious flying drone with a thermal imager can be very relevant.
22. Sweet. Never forget sweets on a hike. Never.

By Treadstone 71

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