Israeli air force targeted the Iranian Qods Force south of Damascus

#Israeli #Defense #Ministry account also confirmed the attack on the #Quds Force positions in #Syria.

خبر فوری| حمله جنگنده نیروی هوایی اسرائیل به مواضع سپاه قدس جمهوری اسلامی در سوریه + فیلمIsraeli air force targeted the Iranian Qods Force south of Damascus + Video

ایران اینفو ۲۴ به نقل از حساب کاربری نخست وزیر و وزارت دفاع اسرائیل گزارش نموده است که:

جنگنده‌های اسرائیل چند موضع تروریستی سپاه در جنوب شرق دمشق را هدف قرار دادند. این مواضع مربوط به عوامل سپاه قدس و شبه‌نظامیان شیعه بوده که قصد اجرای حملات تروریستی توسط ارسال پهپاد‌های تهاجمی علیه اسرائیل از خاک سوریه را داشتند.

Israeli news agency said in the early hours of Sunday: “In a sweeping operation, we thwarted a terrorist attack by the Quds Force against Israel.”
Israeli media reported that “Israeli fighters targeted several terrorist positions in south-east Damascus.” These positions were related to the Quds Force and Shiite militias who were planning to launch terrorist attacks by sending offensive drones against Israeli territory. They had. ”Syrian television reported on Sunday, September 9, that a number of explosions were heard in the air in Damascus, saying that the country’s air defense had targeted several attackers.
Other news sources, however, reported that Israeli fighters fired several missiles at al-Mazza military airport south of Damascus and at least four major explosions occurred in the area.
This is one of the few times that the Israeli Prime Minister has formally announced an attack on Quds Force, the Revolutionary Guards, and groups close to it in Syria.

While the Hizbullah claims:

1 Israeli drone crashes in southern Beirut (Lebanon)

7 Israeli UAV sshot down in southern outskirts of Beirut.

One of the drones crashed near the Hezbollah media center, and the second drone exploded on the roof of a storage area in the area of Muawaz and caused a fire.

According to Hezbollah sources, the incident did not cause any casualties or financial damage.

تصاویر پهپاد سقوط کرده اسراییل در ضاحیه جنوبی بیروت(لبنان)

۲ پهپاد اسراییل در ضاحیه جنوبی بیروت سقوط کردند.

یکی از این پهپادها نزدیک مرکز رسانه ای حزب الله سقوط کرد و پهپاد دوم بعد از سقوط به روی سقف انباری در منطقه معوض منفجر و باعث آتش سوزی شد.

به گفته منابع حزب الله، این حادثه آسیب جانی و مالی نداشته است.