Iranian Tracking of US and other aircraft August 24 2019

C-12 military aircraft with ICAO code: 728130 over #Iraq apparently flying northwest.
The small craft is used by US Forces for light transport, diplomatic or command-level trips, and emergency medical treatment.
But a number of these platforms have also been refurbished with electromagnetic and electro-optical spy systems, and are especially used in the Middle East for surveillance and espionage.
1398.06.02 1324 IRDT

Callsign incognito: FAHAD60 in #Gulf_Air (#UAE) with a CASA 295W (C295)
Flight route FAHAD60 is ICAO code: 0493E0.

According to new information from the flight of the US #C-17A airliner that disappeared over #Azerbaijan, its commercial transponder is now on.
The aircraft is transporting supplies to US forces in #Afghanistan. It is common to fly US military transport aircraft from #Europe to Afghanistan.
1398.06.02 2217 IRDT

US #C-17A military aircraft flying over #Azerbaijan shut down its commercial transponder near an abandoned air base called Khachmas Airbase.
1398.06.02 2126 IRDT