The Chinese company Lingkun is entering the finish line on the creation of a hypersonic suborbital aircraft. The first prototype will fly in 2023, and the first manned test flight of a suborbital space tourism aircraft will take place in 2025.

A device that accelerates to 4300 km / h will be able to change the structure of the world economy. If the company succeeds, it will significantly boost freight and passenger traffic around the world. First of all, the Chinese initiative “One Belt – One Road” will benefit from this, and the development of hypersonic weapons will make the existing missile defense systems meaningless. If the United States does not speed up its development in the field of hypersound, this will be another victory for China in the framework of “power transit”.

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#Thucydides Trap

Thucydides Trap, also referred to as Thucydides’s Trap, is a term popularized by American political scientist Graham T. Allison to describe an apparent tendency towards war when an emerging power threatens to displace an existing great power as a regional or international hegemon

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