Recent ISIS activity in Iraq and Syria


  • Arab Gas Pipeline blown up on the outskirts of Damascus International Airport along with two electricity pylons, causing a power outage in the entire southern region of Syria
  • Clashes with pro-Assad militias near Palmyra, 20+ casualties
  • 2 SAA soldiers killed in Sukhnah
  • PKK intelligence official assassinated in Busayra
  • SAA soldier killed in Deir Ezzor
  • SAA soldier killed near Palmyra
  • 2 pro-Assad militia fighters killed in Jabal Omur
  • Ambush against SAA in Shula, 4+ casualties including a colonel
  • Pro-Assad militia fighter killed in Sukhnah
  • Pro-Assad militia fighter killed in Palmyra desert
  • Heavy clashes with Iranian-backed militias around Doubayat Gas Field
  • Clashes with SAA in Humaymah


  • Booby-trapped house blown up on Iraqi police in Waqf, 3 casualties
  • Militant of Shia Badr Brigade killed in Saadiya
  • Policeman asssassinated near Klar
  • Electric transformer of PMF destroyed in Qayyara
  • 3 thermal cameras of police destroyed in Bazol
  • Police thermal camera destroyed in Buhriz

Recent ISIS activity in Africa


  • Militias loyal to Nigerien army attacked in Tillaberi, 15+ killed


  • Clashes with SADC forces, 4 casualties


  • Militia loyal to Egyptian army attacked in Barth, 2 killed


  • Cameroonian army barracks attacked in Saghmi, several casualties


  • IED exploded on a checkpoint of Haftar’s militia in Sabha, extensive material damage


  • Two Somali policemen assassinated in Mogadishu


  • Christian village Komanda attacked, 4 soldiers and 3 civilians killed, several houses burned down
  • 3 Congolese soldiers killed in an ambush in Rwenzori
  • Army barracks attacked in Komanda, soldiers fled, barracks and several houses burned down


  • Nigerian army convoy ambushed near Dikwa, 20+ casualties, 4 vehicles burned and 2 others captured
  • IED exploded on army vehicle near Boni, soldier killed
  • Army checkpoint attacked near Katavila, 3+ casualties
  • Clashes with pro-NA militia in Mandaragru, several casualties
  • Mortar shelling on army base in Malam Fattori
  • Pro-NA militia member killed in Fumfum

By Treadstone 71

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