“Emen Net Pasargard”, also known as “Eeleyanet Gostar Iraniyan” exposure Lab Dookhtegan

Dear friends and supporters,
We will be exposing soon top secret documents about another IRGC’s cyber unit with the name “Emen Net Pasargard”, also known as “Eeleyanet Gostar Iraniyan”, led by Mohammad Bagher Shirinkar, known as Mojtaba Tehrani.

This company provides cyber services to IRGC cyber unit, Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Quds force’s cyber force and empowers them in suppressing our compatriots and acting against other countries.
With the help of our freedom fighters compatriots, we will be exposing this company, and we pray that our efforts will bring down this dictatorship as soon as possible.
Follow us as we are just beginning with our exposures…