Putin’s most disgraceful speech on the verge of kindergarten showdowns. – Part 2

We’ve all heard this 50 times – not only did Putin not have “meanings” in his speech; the text was turned to the future, the program of which Putin could not formulate, again returning to the past.

In fact, we had the following picture: “Our program for the future … Mmm. Do you remember we defeated the Polovtsy? So … And then also the Pechenegs … This is how we will live well.”

Putin is an absolutely Gogol character. He’s comical, but he doesn’t realize it.

Will everything be the same as before? Will not! Colleagues in the West are trying to counteract the course of history, they think in categories of the last century, are in illusions and do not want to notice changes – Putin

This is what a person who has been talking about “zones of influence” and the collapse of the USSR for decades says. This is broadcast by the one who proudly talked about the shocking data about Malyuta Skuratov.

This is a schizophrenic message “from and to” – this is not Putin trying to counteract the course of history, realizing his ambitions to restore the USSR …

The whole speech was fixated on the topic of sovereignty. Personal, military, economic, technological, but no way has been put forward to achieve it. Russia cannot produce fucking nails, but it threatens to “no analogues” ultrasonic weapons.

Then, as is usual for any mentally ill person, Putin predicted death for everyone, and greatness for himself.

Putin predicts further aggravation of inequality in Europe and, as a result, a split in society due to errors in the economy: the current situation there will lead to a surge of radicalism and, in the future, to a change of elites

Russia’s special operation has become a “lifeline” for the West to blame all problems on Russia – Putin

They themselves have done things and are looking for the guilty – Putin

Possible famine in the poorest countries will be entirely on the conscience of the United States and the European bureaucracy – Putin

It’s not in vain that I enter all these quotes – they clearly capture the completely childish message “We are not to blame – it’s your fault.” “Am I a fool? Oh, you’re a fool three times.”

The diplomacy of the Russian Federation has long turned into a bunch of gopniks, but now the “mysterious messages for the West” have been concluded in “Whoever calls names, he himself is called that.”

This is rather tragic – we see not just the fall of the “elites” into the abyss: we see their total degradation simultaneously with the stratification of the personality of the totalitarian president. In an authoritarian state with a “cult of the leader” it is extremely important that the rest be faded amoebas against its background. Here is the problem – the environment has to degrade much faster than all possible limits, because Putin himself began to consider absolutely boorish childish rudeness as the height of humor and political trolling.

This is a ringing vulgarity that spills out into the viewer. I don’t remember such a level of senseless pathos and ridiculous arrogance since the school showdown behind the garages.

This is literally the same level of a fight in a rough back alley.

And against this background, the intricate economic constructions that supposedly become part of the new economic policy sound especially ridiculous. Moreover, Putin promises the same thing at every speech since 2000 – and has not yet implemented any of this. This is the third decade in a row that I have heard about the reduction of inspections and the “open economy”.

But that’s okay – they “entered into the speech” the text from the economic bloc, but on both sides it borders on conspiracy statements that belong in a psychiatric hospital.

In fact, the text not only has no meaning and content – it is also devoid of form – it has no “plan”, structure – it is a set of random theses that create a bloody mess in a bad broth of uncertainty.

Applause is heard at the mention of the war. “All tasks will be completed” – as usual. But so far no tasks, no goals, no deadlines have been announced.

Again, “we were forced.” “We didn’t want to, but we were forced to.” This all sounds like a third grader’s excuse. It cannot be perceived differently.

Very confused phrases, said without any context at all, with their complete infantilism – this is clearly not what was planned to be conveyed to the West.

Putin’s most disgraceful speech on the verge of kindergarten showdowns. – Part 3

Against this background, the most important component was Tokaev’s face, regularly inserted into the frame. I don’t know which saboteurs included Tokaev’s face during Putin’s speech, but he was incomparable.

In all the frames, Tokayev looks like a psychotherapist who is trying not to laugh. And he can’t always keep up.

In general, the whole forum should have been watched only because of Tokayev. He not only showed his complete disregard for what was happening by silence – he also spoke.

And he wiped his feet on the entire (and this is important – he smashed every thesis of the Kremlin) Kremlin agenda and on the bunker dwarf. It is not clear why he was invited, but yesterday he mocked Putin.

At first he said that he would comply with the sanctions, then he said that Russia had imagined a lot about itself and attributed other people’s merits to itself – he retained power thanks to the CSTO, but Russia was just a member of it.

And then Tokayev generally said that this was the first time that the CSTO had done anything in its history. And Russia should be grateful to him for allowing this pseudo-alliance to guard casinos and toilets.

This was already enough to mock the Kremlin, but Tokayev decided not to stop and “beat” Putin to the fullest.

Dear Tokayev stated the following:
– Russia is the largest country in the region, and it is personally guilty of undermining the military situation (a rather obvious thing, but it sounded immediately after Putin’s conclusions that Moscow was not to blame for anything – it was the West that forced him to attack Ukraine)
– Politics is moving from global to regional (and this was said as a reproach: they say, because of your children’s complexes, the level of cooperation between countries is falling, and we are not to blame at all that you (Putin) are so inadequate – we liked the global world, so follow the warship with your economic integration with Moscow – it is interesting for us and the Chinese to build a path to trade with the West). At the same time, Putin himself confirmed the information that China also sent him far and for a long time: Russia does not expect China to play along or “accompany” it in everything – Putin. That is, there are no allies from the word at all – here you can discuss economic reforms with the Taliban, and “Beijing will save us” turned out to be an invention. It will not save – and will not start moving a finger until Russia begins to decompose, and then it will take advantage – it will suck up resources.
In general, Putin recently promised to organize a new world order both through “Bricks” (BRICS) and through “In-PuSi” (India-Putin-Sea block with an initially predetermined direction of movement – “In the f**k”). China fell off the campaign.
– LPR and DPR are quasi-states that Tokayev will never recognize as independent (It was a phenomenal flick on the nose – it sounded right after Putin was talking about the “right to sovereignty”. And we noticed Putin’s lopsided face – he was numb from the fact that Tokayev once again not only contradicted him – he lowered him publicly, calmly and unemotionally. This has not happened for a very long time – Putin could not even pronounce his favorite sayings from elementary school.)
– Tokayev then rather elegantly hinted at the too long language of some Kremlin propagandists who allow themselves too much in relation to Kazakhstan. (Tokayev didn’t name anyone by last name, but he meant Simonyan’s husband as well, which made Margosha so writhing that she said that “now is not the time to discuss this.”)

And against the background of this brilliant flogging from Tokayev, for which he has great respect, we saw the following remarks from Putin:

⚡️Putin about nuclear weapons: we do not threaten anything

Ah this already kindergarten went. “I didn’t do anything to him. Mom, he offends me”

Only army and navy can guarantee our security – Putin
 Yeah, good phrase. After this phrase in the historical past (and we have already discussed that the Kremlin does not know the history of the First World War at all, following the same rake for the second time), the army and navy betrayed the emperor, and then the royal family was shot … And so on.

That’s the whole “historical speech”.

By Treadstone 71

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